Edison Elementary School Renovations

Tampa, Florida

Final Completion:
November 2017
Size of Project:
23,000 sf
Cost of Project:

Edison Elementary, built in 1925, began as an HVAC retrofit including 30 new fan coil units with electric heat installed in individual classrooms and other areas, and accompanied by new chilled water piping and pumps. The existing chiller remains. Demolition of existing fan coil units, chilled water piping, steam piping and antique radiators is included. The additional electrical load of the new electric heat requires new electrical main distribution panel and multiple subpanels throughout campus. Coordination with the local power company is required for installation of new service transformer. The project has since grown to include new carpeting in multiple classrooms, asbestos abatement, lead paint abatement, restoration of existing plaster walls throughout, ceiling replacement, new casework, and an entirely new fire sprinkler system in the original 1925 buildings.  We will finish by replacing the HVAC system and lighting in the auditorium along with new paint for a fresh look. All work, with exception to the auditorium, will be performed during the summer break.