Grand Ballroom Renovation

Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, FL

Size of Project:
9,150 sf
Cost of Project:

The FAMU Grand Ballroom Renovations included demolishing all of the existing flooring and acoustical ceilings in the grand ballroom, lobby, foyer, and corridor. Allstate then installed new framing and drywall over the old existing plaster walls, added stained wood trim base, chair rail, and window trim in the Grand Ballroom. New gypsum assembly ceiling bulkheads were built with new acoustical ceilings being installed between them. An all new lighting package, including (9) main lights, can lights, and wall sconces, was installed in the Grand Ballroom also. New acoustical ceilings were installed throughout the remainder of the project and new LVT Flooring was installed everywhere, including the Grand Ballroom. In addition, all of the restrooms had new plumbing fixtures and accessories installed along with new tile flooring. There was also an additional work added to the original project to upgrade the HVAC controls system and clean all of the existing ductwork.