Gretchen Nelson Scott Fine Arts Center

Lynn Haven, FL

Final Completion:
November 2017
Size of Project:
16,063 sf
Cost of Project:

In 2016 Allstate Construction was awarded the $6M+ construction management contract for the new Mosley Fine Arts Center on the heels of the successful completion of the Mosley High School campus renovations project that was completed in 2015.  The new facility is not just the average high school auditorium.  The planned program / design includes a state of the art performing arts facilities including, 600 seat auditorium, a 40-feet deep stage / stage house with over 40-feet high ceilings, high performance acoustical features, advanced performance lighting, and digital audio visual systems.   Planned support spaces include, a separate sound insulated HVAC equipment mezzanine, Audio – Visual control rooms, dressing rooms, and prop. storage and staging areas, and efficient lobby / staging spaces, and patron restrooms.  A central plaza leads gracefully into the building, and the transparent façade welcomes visitors and students alike.  The new performing arts center will also provide a much-needed community facility to host lectures, community theater productions, and other civic programs.  The drama department will be able to build sets, practice, and perform in a state-of-the-art facility on their own campus, and the facility will also be more convenient for choir and band concerts and other events. Allstate Construction broke ground on the new facilities in September of 2016.  The project will be completed and ready for the first performance in early October 2017.  The project is currently on schedule to be completed on time and under budget.