Hernando Jail Infirmary Addition

Hernando County Sheriff’s Department, Brooksville, FL

Size of Project:
5,000 sf
Cost of Project:

Allstate was awarded the design-build contract in November 2011.  Programing and design was completed in June 2012.  The project consisted of a more than 5,000 sf stand alone, fully functional, full service medical facility including modern detention capabilities.  The space included secure holding cells, open dorm rooms, isolation detention cells, exam rooms, medical support rooms, labs, nurse and officer office spaces.  The following modern detention and security equipment operates the new medical facilities:

  • CCTV
  • Electronic Security Access Controls
  • Electronic Card access
  • Electronic Video Visitation

All detention and security equipment was tied to the existing central control and command center.  The design, building layout, and modern equipment provide efficient indirect security supervision. The new facility includes a hardened structure constructed with solid filled masonry walls and solid concrete roof and ceiling panels.  Modern HVAC equipment and controls provide efficient climate control.  Upon completion, the new infirmary facilities vastly improved inmate care for the Hernando County Jail.