Madison County High School

Madison, Florida

Final Completion:
August 2016
Size of Project:
133,500 sf
Cost of Project:

Allstate Construction began our relationship with Madison County Schools in 1998, almost 20 years ago now, and we have our valued relationship with this school district having been awarded multiple projects since.  To Allstate, this is a testimony of our great services to be invited back to do work with a client, and what we strive for every time.  We were awarded Madison County High School, FLDOE Specially Funded renovation project in 2014.  Prior to commencement of the major renovation activities, 16 temporary portable classrooms were installed and fully renovated including walkways and covers, electrical and data services, and fire alarm systems during the 2014 summer break. To minimize disruptions to the educational environment, the project was completed in three phases. Activities included asbestos abatement, classroom reconfigurations, complete renovations of finishes such as paint, flooring, ceilings and doors & hardware, new roof structure and metal roofing, renovation of plumbing infrastructure and new fixtures, new HVAC systems, new fire sprinkler systems, new electrical systems, new data and communications systems, new security systems, classroom technology upgrades, new water systems, full renovation of food service and dining facilities, new entryways and canopies.  Technical programs, such as culinary arts and agriculture, were fully renovated and improved, as well. The schedule was successfully coordinated to work around the State’s multi-year funding cycle.