Solid Waste Administration Building Renovations

Tallahassee, Florida

Size of Project:
9,311 sf
Cost of Project:

The COT Solid Waste Administration Building Renovation Project was a complete redesign and renovation of an existing facility. The scope consisted of the demolition of essentially the entire interior of the existing one-story facility, raising part of one end of the roof structural concrete double tees, installing some new structural walls and columns on the first floor, installing a new two-stop elevator and exterior stairwell, and constructing a new second story to the building.  The project accomplished official LEED certification through the US Green Building Council’s LEED Certification Program. Because of this LEED certification, significant recycling efforts were pursued with all possible agencies throughout the region. “Green” products were used wherever possible. This is the first certified LEED project in the city.  2007 ABC “Excellence In Construction” Eagle Award Recipient and USGBC LEED Silver Certified